College STUNT Coach Profile

Coaching the sport of STUNT is an exciting opportunity and career path. STUNT coaches, like other sport coaches, have a wide range of responsibilities beyond what the public sees on game day. In addition to player recruiting and development, STUNT coaches are representatives of their institutions, mentors to their assistants, and leaders in their community.  We invite you to learn more about the role of a STUNT coach below and complete this interest form to receive alerts about open coaching positions.

STUNT coaches do more than just coach skills. There is game prep, in-game strategy, and constant professional development.

Game Prep: A STUNT coach will oversee the conditioning and skill development leading up to the season, then determine which athletes will be involved in which routines based on their strengths and team needs. Coaches will scout future opponents to help determine their game plan and which routines give them the best opportunities to score.

In-Game Strategy: Coaches will implement their game plan during the game, adjusting with game strategies as needed to give their team the best opportunities to win. Unlike coaching cheer competitions, a STUNT coach is active throughout the game, making decisions such as which routine will be performed, whether to call a routine forfeit, or if a timeout is needed.

Professional Development: Coaches will stay up-to-date with game rules, strategies, and best practices by networking and attending available training provided by USA Cheer or the College STUNT Coaches Association.

STUNT coaches are directly responsible for the administration and oversight of their program. They work hand-in-hand with their own staff and various institution departments to ensure that the the program is being run to serve the best interest of the student-athletes and within the parameters set by the athletics department, institution, and any other governing conference or division rules. These duties include:

  • Scheduling practices, including securing facilities.
  • Scheduling games, including securing home facilities or setting travel for away games.
  • Monitoring athletes for compliance, including grades, class hours, and attendance.
  • Creating and properly allocating the program budget, including:
    • Scholarships
    • Team Travel
    • Uniforms
    • Equipment
    • Recruiting Travel
    • Staff Salaries
    • Pay or stipends for support staff such as athletic trainers, game support, etc.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any sports program, and STUNT is no different. STUNT coaches are responsible for recruiting and promoting year-round with division-specific compliance requirements. These duties include:

  • Attending USA Cheer Combines where they can connect and evaluate prospective athletes
  • Attending other events such as high school/club STUNT games, competitions, and practices
  • Attending conferences as an exhibitor/vendor to promote the program, such as high school cheer or weightlifting conferences.
  • Creating social media campaigns to attract athletes to the program.
  • Using in-home visits to connect with athletes and their parents.
  • Overseeing scholarship allocation and guiding potential athletes to the right compliance resources and eligibility centers.

A STUNT coach position is similar to other coaching positions at a given institution. In most cases, a STUNT coach is a full-time position.

As with any sport, assistant coaches can benefit a program in many ways.

Salaries range from one institution to the next, but should be commensurate with other coaches in the athletic department or club programs.

STUNT coaches benefit from support from both USA Cheer and the College STUNT Coaches Association!

The “Coaches Connect” program provide opportunities to share and learn from other STUNT coaches and USA Cheer’s STUNT staff! 

  • July – Planning for Off Season Training 
  • September – Check-in after routine release 
  • January – Getting Ready for Games (tips/tricks/questions) 
  • March – Mid-Season Check In (questions/how it’s going, etc.) 
  • May – Recruiting and Scheduling for next season
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