How to Start a High School/Junior High STUNT Program!

If your school is interested in playing STUNT, complete this interest form first!  We will let you know as soon as registration becomes available. 

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Now proceed to step 2 to learn more about STUNT!

Learn about the game of STUNT!

Make copies of the information below and begin to organize in a binder with tabs. Once the season gets started and you have registered your team, you can add your training PowerPoints and 8-count sheets to this as well.

Setup a meeting with your Athletic Director to discuss the possibilities of bringing STUNT to your school.

  • Explain what STUNT is and show the “This is STUNT!” Video.
  • If implementing STUNT correctly, the sport is Title IX compliant.
  • STUNT is designed to be a Spring sport.
  • Fees associated with the sport (uniform, mats, registration, and officials’ fees).
    • Standard uniform, travel, and officials’ costs.
    • Minimum of 4 mats for practice, 8 to 13 to host games.
    • Yearly registration fee with USA Cheer for materials, which includes properly licensed music, routine videos, 8-count sheets, etc. to play.
  • Number of people to field a team –
    • The minimum number of athletes required is based on your local structure. In general, 12 athletes are required to play.
  • Have your Athletic Director reach out to teams in your league and surrounding leagues to see who is participating or interested in participating.
    • Geographically close (same league or a school you play in multiple sports).
    • Coach or potential coach working at another school that you personally know.
    • Look for teams that have some competitive cheer background.
    • 4 to 6 teams would be an ideal number to have in an initial tournament or to start a league.
    • USA Cheer will help to develop initial pool of officials and get them trained.
  • Explain what STUNT is and show the “This is STUNT!”
  • Explain the need for team support to make this program successful.
    • Volunteers to work games (ticket sales, snack bar, scoreboard, announcer, film, stats, setup, etc.)
  • Give the season of the sport and timeline (tryouts, practices, game schedule, tournaments, etc.)
  • Cover fees associated with the sport.

Once you’re ready to play, get your program membership (Program Memberships are $149) so you can receive the licensed music, 8-count sheets, and routine videos. Membership is available June 1 and expires May 31.

Register Here

In addition to STUNT-specific training, coaches should be up to date on any state, local, or institutional required certifications and should seek out additional professional development courses. USA Cheer offers a STUNT Coach Membership that includes many of these additional training courses at no added cost.

Have your Athletic Director reach out to teams in your league and surrounding leagues to see who is participating. Work with your Athletic Director to set your league schedule and any preseason games, scrimmages, or tournaments based on hosting locations.  With the STUNT format, two, three, or four teams can meet in one location and play multiple games over a two or three hour block.

Check with your Athletic Director to find out if there is a certain structure that you must follow or policies that are in place for team selections.  Keep in mind you are fielding a team that can perform with specific abilities and talents needed in each quarter of STUNT. An athlete can be a backspot in the Partner Stunt quarter, but may never have to take the floor for jumps or tumbling, and a tumbler isn’t required to learn how to base or top stunts. Your pool of athletes can expand to include competitive cheer, gymnastics, weightlifting, and other disciplines!

By the time you are ready to start your season, you should have all the below included in your Coaches Resource Binder.