How to Get Started with STUNT

Watch a Game

Create a Coaches Resource Binder

Make copies of below information and organize in a binder with tabs. Once the season gets started you can add your 8-count sheets to this as well. The links below are to the 2018 Season information. 2019 Season information will be posted shortly!

  • Current Coaches Training PowerPoint
  • Current Rulebook
  • Current Hosting Packet

Meet With Your Athletic Director

Setup a meeting with your Athletic Director to discuss the possibilities of bringing STUNT to your school. Bring a copy of the Administrator Guide with you. Have your Athletic Director reach out to teams in your league and surrounding leagues to see who is participating.

  • Explain what STUNT is and show the “What is STUNT?” Video
  • If implementing STUNT correctly, the sport is Title IX compliant
  • STUNT is designed to be a Spring sport
  • Fees associated with the sport (uniform, mats, registration, and officials fees)
  • Number of people to field a team (number varies based on level of play and state)

Set Up Informational Meeting with Prospective Athletes

  • Explain what STUNT is and show the Promo Video
  • Explain the need for team support to make this program successful
    • Volunteers to work games (ticket sales, snack shack, scoreboard, announcer, film, stats, setup, etc.)
  • Give the season of the sport and timeline (tryouts, practices, game schedule, tournaments, etc.)
  • Cover fees associated with the sport

Register Your Team

Make sure to register your team so that you receive the music, 8-count sheets, and videos. To register your team, please visit STUNT Registration (link coming soon for 2019 registration).

Hold Tryouts

Check with your Athletic Director if there is a certain structure that you must follow or policies that are in place.

Set Your Schedule

Work with your Athletic Director to set your league schedule and any pre-season, scrimmages or tournaments.

Begin Practices and Games

Please view our New Coach Guidebook to get tips on how to setup your season as a coach and get tips in running effective practices.