We asked our athletes, coaches, and fans, “What do you love about STUNT?”

Kayla Renee Duffey, STUNT Coach – I absolutely love how STUNT has transformed the worlds perception of cheerleaders and the athleticism that it takes to tumble, jump and stunt! This is a huge step for women’s sports and I hope to bring it to my college as the cheer coach!!! I’m so excited to see how the sport evolves and expands once it is approved as an emerging sport!!!! ❤❤❤???????????????

Daneen Kosters Rainbow, STUNT Coach –  I love that the routines are inclusive of every girl. There is always a way to have every girl on the mat at some point. Also the fact that both teams perform the same routines takes away the favoritism aspect of the sport.

Bailey Reiter, STUNT Coach –  I love how STUNT takes all the elements of Cheerleading and highlights them so that each athlete can shine in their own way. It pushes athletes and team to achieve greatness. Since it is our teams first year competing for us STUNT is not about the points that earn it’s about the potential that are team does have and its about growing with each game we play

Maddy Smith, STUNT Athlete, Alma College –  I love how STUNT gives cheerleaders the opportunity to play games. In competitive cheer there isn’t much strategy. Where in STUNT you have to not only know your own team well but also your opponent. But it’s still simple enough too for non-experts to understand. STUNT also gives the athletes who excel in one category a chance to thrive. If you are a great jump and tumbler but maybe not such a good stunter you have your chance to be on mat doing what you love. Stunt is the fastest growing sport in the college world and it’s easy to see why.

Brittany Chandler, STUNT Athlete – UT Tyler – I love how STUNT not only pushes you to be better but focuses on form and technique rather than just skill. Also how you go against someone doing the exact same routine makes it so much more competitive.

Estelle Sipsky, STUNT Fan –  I love the way STUNT showcases what amazing athletes these young ladies are. The amount of strength, skill and focus the routines require is a true testament to the dedication of these athletes.

Jess Mardlin, STUNT Parent –  I love that it takes Cheerleading to a whole new level with side by side competition. Brings new respect to the sport and opportunities for athletes of all levels & abilities.

Claudia Bettencourt-Freitas , STUNT Athlete, Cal Poly – I love the opportunity STUNT provides to young women who may not choose to do other traditional sports!

Brittany Gentry , STUNT Athlete, Davenport University – I love how STUNT pushes cheerleaders to focus on the tiny details and the technique behind everything. As well as having crowds there that seem to take it as serious as we do.

Jannette Rhondeau, STUNT Coach –  I love coaching STUNT and getting the team back to learning the basic technical aspect of their cheerleading skills while playing a sports game

Ashley Danielle Stanton , STUNT Fan – I love watching all the teams improve throughout the season and how excited they get hitting a routine! Plus watching my former teammates isn’t bad☺

Nicole Stegemann, STUNT Athlete –  I love how different this sport is! I’ve done competitive cheer and this is like nothing I’ve ever done before!

Jennifer Botchie Deinlein, STUNT Fan, Cheer Coach – I love that STUNT highlights the athleticism of cheerleading and gives a competitive outlet, but also allows sideline cheer to thrive! It’s not mutually exclusive!

Kelsey Matzat , STUNT Fan – I love how STUNT shows how important it is for athletes to come together as a TEAM in order to be successful. It’s also so fun to watch. ❤

Jamie Hartman Aguilera, STUNT Fan –  I love watching STUNT – it is awesome what they can do as a team ❤❤

Tassie Hamner , STUNT Athlete – UT Tyler – How it allows people to see the athletic aspects of cheer and focuses on technique & strength.

Tammie Bertrand Armand I like that STUNT highlights each girl’s specific talents.

Carrie Miller O’Banion, STUNT Parent – I love it gave my daughter an opportunity to be a college athlete!

Janis Parsons Shuck , OU STUNT Fan – I love this new sport. So much talent involved in STUNT the Sport.

Sydney Kate Marie Anderson , STUNT Fan – I love that it takes so much athleticism to compete and the teamwork!

Lalena Boltz Andreasen , STUNT Athlete – The competitiveness of doing the exact same stunt as the other team side by side.

Tammy Sabin Tibbetts, MSU STUNT Fan –  I love the competitive aspect

Denise Miller , STUNT Parent – The opportunities it gives young athletes to turn their passions into a college sport.

Danielle Heifner , STUNT Athlete – I love everything about STUNT❤❤

Tricia Cameron-Payne , MSU STUNT Parent – I love that this sport shows how strong these women are.

Sophie Abigail , STUNT Athlete, Purdue – I love that STUNT is about the technical parts of cheer focusing on techniques and strength!

Haley Russo , STUNT Fan – I love how unique it is and how it highlights the athleticism and technique of its athletes!❤?

Sabrina Esperanza Garcia , STUNT Athlete, Texas Tech – I love that STUNT is a technique based sport, not just showmanship

Tim Jenkins , STUNT Parent – Love the competitiveness this sport brings

Alyssa Hernandez , STUNT Fan – STUNT shows what a team can accomplish together. Amazing sport! ???

Kiara Lenee, STUNT Athlete, Oklahoma State –  I love the competitive aspect of STUNT!

Christina Santos , STUNT high School Coach, CA – The competition aspect…makes the girls really fight for their stunts everytime

Aimee Ayers-Rivera , STUNT Fan – I love that STUNT focuses on the athleticism of cheer and provides opportunities for specific skills at the High School and College level.

Nicki Jobe, STUNT Coach, NY –  The athleticism ?

Michelle Homrich-Dekker , STUNT Fan – It’s competitive

Regina Fraticelli, High School STUNT Coach, CA –  The strategies

Maddie Grossmann, STUNT Athlete, Cal Poly –  I love how this sport showed my school that I was an athlete, it made me re-fall in love with cheerleading. Stunt gave me the best 4 seasons of my life in high school and the memories and sister I gained on those mats can never be replaced??? #together

Diana Flores Reed , STUNT Grandma!- As a Grandma it’s exciting to watch these girls!

Sydney Madison Daniel , STUNT Fan – I love that STUNT has room for every type of athlete!