Registering for STUNT as a Club

If you are ready to register your club program, follow the steps below. If you are interested in how to start a STUNT program, click here!

Required Registration:

Note: A club program affiliated with a college or high school club as part of their official school club system should register through those channels. This registration channel is for club programs that are not officially affiliated with a school.

If you are a team in this situation, follow the “College Registration” or “Jr. High/High School Registration” process. If you are unsure, contact us for assistance!

If you are a club program, you have three steps to complete in order to register for your season and play STUNT.

Step 1:

All program coaches must obtain a STUNT Coach Membership. This membership has specific requirements and also provides additional coverages for the coach within their duties as the STUNT Coach.

Step 2:

Register your program for a STUNT Program Membership. The STUNT Program Membership provides access to all of the routine material (videos, 8-count sheets, music, etc.) , training material, and publications such as the rulebook and other supporting materials.

Step 3:

Each athlete must be registered with a “STUNT Athlete Membership” and connect themselves to your program. This membership also provides additional coverages that can be found on the STUNT Athlete Membership page.


If your club needs additional liability insurance in order to host games or utilize practice facilities, a policy is available for purchase through Player’s Health. IMPORTANT! In order to purchase this additional insurance, your team must be registered with a STUNT Team Membership, the coach must have a STUNT Coach Membership, and EVERY athlete must have a STUNT Athlete Membership. Your club or sponsoring organization may already have a policy that covers these events. Be sure to confirm these coverages with your club or sponsoring organization.